About Us

Onqood is one of Remal Information Technoloy Company's projects, Remal Information Technology is a pioneering Saudi tech company.

One of the problems that users face in various websites is finding an appropriate and innovative way to collect all of their important links in one place; making them easier to find, classify and publish when needed. Presenting all the user's links through one link is a very powerful marketing tool to deliver their content, social media accounts, affiliate links, etc... to their audience.

In Onqood we worked on categorizing the links lists to make them easy to find. Also displaying the statistics of the number of visits to the user lists and links. Onqood the perfect site to gather your links.

Company Information:
  • Address: Saudi Arabia - Dammam - Al Faysaliyah - Al Osais Building - King Fahd Street
  • Commercial Register Number: 2050050864