Terms and Conditions

Introduction :

By using or visiting Onqood website, which is a service provided by Remal Information Technology Company (referred to as “Onqood website” or “Onqood” or “The Website” or ”The Company”), you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document (referred to as “Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy” or “Service Terms and Conditions” or ”Privacy Policy”). If you do not agree to any terms or conditions in this document, please do not use the site.

Onqood Website :

This agreement applies to all users and visitors of the website. The website may contain links to other sites and they may not be owned or controlled by Onqood, and accordingly, Onqood is not responsible for the content of those sites, their privacy policies, and their practices. By using Onqood website, you expressly acknowledge that Onqood does not assume any liability resulting from the use of other third-party websites.

Terms and Policies:
  1. Do not post, write or send any link or content that are inappropriate according to the Islamic law and public morals, or what is not modest.
  2. Do not post, write or send any link or content for the purpose of waging religious, tribal or personal disputes, or spreading hate speech or bullying or ruining the public image of any entity or person.
  3. You are responsible for lists and links and content that fall under your username.
  4. You are responsible for keeping your password protected. In addition, you must inform Onqood immediately of any security breaches or unauthorized use of your account in Onqood. Although Onqood will not be responsible for the damages that may be caused to you as a result of unauthorized use of your account, you will be responsible for damages that may be caused to the site or to others as a result of its unauthorized use.
  5. You must not alter or adapt Onqood Website, or alter another site to be similar or mistakenly imply to the public that it is related to Onqood Website.
  6. You must not send any viruses, malicious files, or any kind of harmful software to that are harmful to Onqood's users.
  7. You must not misbehave and cause damage to the website, whether by exploiting or creating errors, or by certain actions that negatively affect Onqood.
  8. Adding links or advertisements for services that compete with Onqood is prohibited.
  9. Submitting false and malicious reports on links or lists added by users is prohibited.
  10. Adding links and lists for the purpose of spreading lies, rumors and spreading fear and panic is prohibited.
  11. Impersonating governmental, religious, political, or famous people, or entities, companies, institutions for the purpose of misleading visitors and speaking on the behalf of the aforementioned groups is prohibited.
  12. While using Onqood Website, you must not violate any laws in the country in which you live in.
  13. Onqood has the right to change all policies, terms and conditions in this agreement at any time and for any reason without notifying users or visitors of the site.
  14. Onqood has the right to remove or change any content, links or lists as Onqood deems appropriate, and Onqood does not have to provide any justifications or compensation.
  15. Onqood has the right to delete or disable any account, or block the service from any person if Onqood deems it appropriate without the need to provide any justification or compensation.

Intellectual Property Rights :

All content on Onqood Website except for what is posted by users, including without any limitation, writings, software and their parts, shapes, images, sounds, music, films, interactive plugins and similar content, trademarks, service marks, and logos, is owned or licensed to Onqood Website under copyright and intellectual property rights.

The content presented to you in Onqood, as it is, is for your personal use and for defined purposes only, and you cannot use, copy, reproduce, publish, send, broadcast, display, sell, license or dispose of it for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of Onqood.